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As a child, Shaun was constantly creating something, whether it was a Lego sculpture, a cartoon, or a colored pencil drawing of his favorite athletes. His drive to test his talents and artistic limits continued on through high school as he developed his drawing skills. After receiving a degree in art from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2000, Shaun found a job as a graphic designer at the Traders Guide, a local classified paper. At the time, The Traders Guide used a mainstream cartoon in their paper, but their contract with that cartoonist was about to expire. This inspired Shaun to pick up his pen and pencil and rekindle his childhood passion for cartooning. A self proclaimed "Nerd-Jock", Shaun drew from his interests, such as sports and science, as well as his wacky views of daily life. Bol's Eye (Bols Eye) first appeared in the Traders Guide in 2004 and has since spread to newspapers across the country. Bol's Eye appears digitally on various sites across the web, including myspace: If you are interested in running Bol's Eye cartoons in your print or web publication, contact Shaun at the link below.

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